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Meet our talented and dynamic team:

Andre , Head of Bar

Andre is known as someone who has an eager curiosity and gusto for improving his environment. He digs a Whiskey Sour and loves irking our bartenders, in good fun. A game of bowling or darts is Andre’s idea of downtime.

Jack (aka Kit Zai), Head of Kitchen

With a fervor for experimenting with and developing healthy recipes, Jack taps into his expertise in Japanese and French cuisines – derived from 12 years of experience in restaurant and hotel kitchens. Outside the culinary realm, he’s also a ‘pro’ on the basketball court.

Noel Joseph Ong, Kitchen Supervisor

Trained in French cuisine, Noel has been steadily rising through the kitchen ranks for the past 5 years. Though he whips up yummy pizzas at Tin Box The Live House, his go-to indulgence is a rib-eye steak, preferably in a venue that plays smooth jazz. The eternal optimist, Noel has a knack for making positive changes wherever he goes. While everyone in our team has a kryptonite, Noel doesn’t. In fact, he is infamous for his ability to hold his liquor, as the Chinese saying goes, “千杯不醉” (drinks a thousand cups and remains sober).

Chi Woei (aka Ah Wai), Yakitori Chef

Spurred by his love affair with food, Chi Woei fine-tuned his culinary techniques in a Japanese omakase restaurant for over a decade. At Tin Box The Live House, he deftly skewers and grills the juicy, succulent meats that keep our guests sated, in tune with his mission to “bring joy to the guests.” When off-duty, Chi Woei relishes a drink or two with his best mates at Tin Box Retroholics.